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How To Find Out When Photos on Your iPhone Were Taken!

Today I’m gonna tell you how you can view, change, add, or remove date and time in your photos with iSpyPhotos. Before I begin, please open your Photos library on your iPhone. Scroll a bit up and down. Now pick one photo from the middle and open it. Do you remember when it was taken? I guess you don’t… Would you like to find out? I picked one from my Photos library and got this information. (See the photo below)

How did I get to this screen? Download iSpyPhotos and you’ll find out!

How to view date and time when a photo was taken with iSpyPhotos? Open a photo with our app and you’ll immediately see details about the date and time when it was taken in just a second.

Ok, by now I assume you brought back some memories about the date when you met a person for the first time in your life, memories about the date when you attended a special event, or even memories about the first day you bought your iPhone… I guess you took at least a couple of photos the same day you got your iPhone in your hands, right?

If you go through your photos with iSpyPhotos, I’m pretty sure that you’d find missing date and time information in some of them, in others you’d like to correct the date and time information, or even add new date and time info. When and why would you like to do that?

1. Why would you like to change date and time in your photos?
I’m sure it has happened to you to take a photo with a digital camera that has incorrect date and time set. Somehow this photo ended up on your iPhone. Or, a friend sent you photos of you from last weekend’s trip to Paris and you notice the date and time are incorrect. (To remind you, you can check this info with iSpyPhotos) Now you do remember it because the photo was taken last weekend but in a while you might forget it. Moreover, what if you are able to sort your photos based on date and time? Then I guess you’d like to have the correct date and time info in each photo you took, regardless if it was last week, last month or last year.

How to change date and time inside a photo with iSpyPhotos? Open the photo with our app. In the middle of the screen you’ll see date and time information. Tap on it, change it the way you want, tap “Done” and “Save”. Keep in mind that the photo will be saved as a new one. You always have the original photo in your Photos library unless you delete it directly from there.

2. Why would you like to add date and time to your photos?
Sometimes you like to beautify your photos by adjusting contrast and brightness, or maybe by adding some retro effect to your photos. If you do this from your iPhone, then I guess you use some iPhone photo editing app. Well, most of these apps remove date and time a photo was taken without you even being aware of it. Again, you might remember now when exactly specific photos you took but I doubt this would be still true a couple of months from now or even earlier.

For example I used PicShop to rotate the photo, adjust the contrast and saturation. I open the photo with iSpyPhotos to see when it was taken and I see Picshop removed that info.

How to add date and time inside a photo with iSpyPhoto? Open the photo with our app; if there’s no date and time info then you would see this message “Tap to enter date”. Set the desired information, then tap “Done” and “Save”.

3. Why would you like to remove date and time from your photos?
Let’s say you send a photo of your kids, or of your friends to a third person via email. And maybe you don’t like him/her to see when exactly this photo was taken. You still want to keep the original photo, but when sharing it with others you like to remove such information.

How to remove date and time inside a photo with iSpyPhotos? Open the photo with our app, tap on the date, then “Delete”, “Done”, and “Save”.

Hope you found this post useful. Even more, hope iSpyPhotos will bring back to you the most enjoyable moments from your past!

Once again, here’s iSpyPhotos iTunes link! Please share your thoughts about the app in the Reply section!

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